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Desktop Pergamon Reference

The Pergamon Reference area provides more in-depth discussion regarding features of the Pergamon applications. The Reference pages also provide content for the application help system.

OPAC Basics

Core Data Entry

Functional Areas

General Functionality

These features are used in many areas, all over the Pergamon application, and at many different levels (e.g. Mu, Rho, Mystic etc.) These links provide a general discussion of their implementation and use.

Administrative Systems

Vendor Tools

A range of Vendor tools have been added to assist in support of client sites. These tools are only available when the license code of the database is registered to a Vendor.

Known Bugs and Issues

This section details known bugs and issues which are outside the conventional support handling processes of Esferico or the Pergamon application. These bugs and issues are typically caused by external influences (e.g. known problems with operating systems or 3rd party software) and which are being dealt with through discussion with those parties, or through the creation of custom coding and work-arounds.

If you encounter any of these issues, report them to Esferico ltd. Support so that a resolution can be tabled to correct the problem at your site.

Microsoft Windows


  • No known issues.

Linux (all vendors)

  • No known issues.

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