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LostPlot - Story Development System

What is LostPlot?

LostPlot, or its full name 'Lost the Plot', is a story development system.

It does not profess to be a replacement for Word Processors like MS Word, OpenOffice, LibreOffice or Apple Pages, all of which are excellent at their intended job of creating formatted content which must take a specific form such as corporate letters and documents, or in a recognised standard form.

The intended job of LostPlot however, is slightly different. LostPlot is designed to aid the author in the planning of the document content and the develop that content using streamlined tools such as index cards, information references and finally a streamlined authoring system in much the same way as those used manually by script writers and authors for many years.

LostPlot allows:

  • Management of unlimited separate projects.
  • Create of index cards summarising the essential happenings for story stages.
  • Expanding of content to detail the various requirements and occurrences.
  • Creation of coloured story arcs or themes dealt with in the cards.
  • Adding references and images for research and backgrounds for characters, places, objects and events.
  • Ability to share resources between projects.
  • Development of the text covered by the card summaries.
  • Reordering of cards until the story is in its ideal form.
  • Embedding natural formatting codes in the text such as from MarkDown and Fountain.
  • Producing final, readable documents in a variety of styles from the raw text.
  • Exporting of final documents to common forms such as PDF.


General Overview


Index Cards

Document Display


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